FORAX specialises in tax-free fuel cards for diplomats, international organisations & military

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Diplomatic Tax Free Fuel Card Belgium

Apply now for your diplomatic tax-free fuel card in Belgium!

Your Forax tax-free fuel card is accepted on all SHELL and ESSO stations or on all Q8 stations! The best tax-free fuel card network in Belgium!

You will receive your tax-free fuel card within 10 days after Forax has received customs endorsement on your 136F.

Please create both ‘application form’ and ‘136F customs form’ if you are a new customer. If you are already a customer of Forax and would like to request an additional fuel quota from Belgian Customs you only need to click ‘create 136F customs form’.

Please call us on +32 2 66 99 444 if you would like more information. One of our assistants will personally treat your request in English, Dutch, French, Italian or Spanish.