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VAT-free purchases in Belgium

In order to obtain VAT reimbursements on purchases of goods and services, it is mandatory for diplomatic missions, consular posts and their staff to register with an operator such as Forax. Forax is officially homologated by the Belgian Federal Public Service of Finance to offer the service for VAT reimbursements.

Homologated operators are responsible for the processing of your invoices for all suppliers, which means:

  • verifying the eligibility of the invoice for VAT reimbursement
  • requesting an “e-certificate” from the authorities
  • submitting the request for reimbursement to the merchant
  • reimbursing the customer, after the merchant has reimbursed the operator

Please note that the operator has no influence on the merchant with respect to the timing of the reimbursement or even to perform the reimbursement at all. If the merchant refuses to reimburse the VAT, the homologated operator’s responsibility ends and no reimbursement can be made to the customer.

As a homologated operator Forax offers an additional premium service for hundreds of selected stores, whereby the VAT reimbursements are not only guaranteed by Forax, but also guaranteed to be paid out in a matter of days . This large group of selected stores should meet most of your purchase needs, so you can almost always benefit from this premium service.

The premium service makes the process conveniently simple:

  1. at the store ask for an invoice
  2. upload this invoice to the Forax website
  3. the VAT will automatically be reimbursed to your account within a few days

Registering with Forax has the following great advantages:

  • you obtain access to the premium service with guaranteed fast reimbursement in hundreds of selected stores
  • combined with the tax-free fuel card of Forax this premium service even comes completely for free

Please register yourself today by completing the application form below and returning it to Forax, Excelsiorlaan 19, 1930 Zaventem or to

In case of any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on or 02 66 99 444. We are looking forward to offering our service to you!