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Diplomatic Tax Free Fuel Card in France

Shell and Forax have developed the Shell-Forax Diplomatic Tax-Free Fuel Card for France. Through the easy-to-use Shell-Forax Card, your tax-free fuel consumption is automatically controlled, fully secured and fully compliant with government requirements according to the latest official French regulations. Forax, partner of Shell in France and other European countries is expert in the management of tax-free privileges, will handle this exclusive customer service for diplomats.

The Shell-Forax Tax-Free fuel card gives you access to the complete Shell Card network in France, which includes more than 2200 sites of Shell, Esso, BP, Avia and Leclerc.

All organizations and individuals entitled to a Tax-Free fuel quota in France can apply for a diplomatic tax free fuel card. Please contact the dedicated Forax team for questions or further information. One of our assistants will personally treat your request in French, English, Italian or Spanish.