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FAQ France

Q – Who can become a customer?
All persons and organizations entitled to Tax-Free fuel in France can apply for a diplomatic tax-free fuel card at Forax.

Q – How do I become a customer?
Please contact Forax by phone or by email. Upon your request, Forax will be pleased to visit your organisation in order to assist you in the process.

Q – What is the cost to become a customer and to request one or more cards?
Application to the service is free of charge.

Q – How does the Forax tax-free fuel card work?
The Forax diplomatic card is a post-paid card. Forax will charge you the tax-free fuel price. The invoice contains the details of your transactions and information on your remaining fuel quota.

Q – Where can I use the Forax tax-free fuel card?
The Shell-Forax Tax-Free fuel card gives you access to the complete Shell Card network in France, which includes more than 2200 sites of Shell, Esso, Esso Express, Avia, BP and Leclerc.

Q – Can the Forax diplomatic card be used outside of France?
No. The card can only be used in France, because your tax-free fuel quota is only valid in France.

Q – Can the Forax diplomatic card be used to pay for other products than fuel?
Yes, the card can also be used to pay Motorway tolls (peage). Toll transactions are normal tax paid transactions.

Q – My card is damaged. What shall I do?
Please send a written confirmation to Forax, mentioning the card number of the damaged card, a request to stop this card and to receive a replacement card. Forax will stop your card and create a new card for you.

Q – I forgot my PIN code. What shall I do?
Please send a written request to Forax asking for a new PIN letter.

Q – Can I change my PIN code?
No, unfortunately this is technically not possible.

Q – I have tried to fuel up but my card is not working. What shall I do?
Please ensure that your Forax diplomatic card and quota are still valid, that you have entered the right PIN code and that you took the right type of fuel. If there is a shop at the fuel station, ask the shop attendant to check and clarify what the problem is. If the problem persists, please contact Forax for further investigation.

Q – My card is lost or stolen. It needs to be stopped urgently. What shall I do?
You can stop your Forax diplomatic card via the ‘exclusive customer login’ on or confirm to Forax in writing (email or fax) that you have lost your card or that it was stolen. Please mention your name, customer number, the number of the card and let us know if you would like to receive a replacement card.

Q – How much will I pay for my fuel?
The Forax fuel price is based on the pump price for fuels set by the oil company, excluding excise tax and VAT. Forax doesn’t charge a separate card fee. Our Customer Service Center can provide you with exact price information.

Q – When and how do I pay?
You pay after you have purchased your tax-free fuel. For each invoice Forax will direct debit your bank account. The invoice contains the details of your transactions and information on your remaining fuel quota.

Q – Do I need a bank account number in France for the direct debit payments?
No. Forax uses the European SEPA Direct Debit scheme. If your bank has joined the SEPA Direct Debit scheme, your tax-free fuel purchases can be debited from your European bank account outside of France.

Q – How do I receive my invoice?
Your electronic invoice will be e-mailed to you. The invoice will be attached as a pdf-file in the email. You can also download your invoice via the ‘exclusive customer login’ on

Q – I am leaving France. What shall I do?
Please send a written request to Forax confirming you are leaving France and your diplomatic fuel cards should be stopped. Forax will stop your cards.

Q – Other questions?
Please contact us, one of our assistants will treat your request personally in French, English, Italian or Spanish.