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FAQ Spain

Q – Who can become a customer?
All organizations and individuals entitled to a quota of Tax-Free fuel in Spain can apply.

Q – How do I become a customer?
Please go to the ‘Apply Now!’ section on the website, create a Forax Application form and request to your organisation to complete a Customs form (Alta/Baja). Send your Application form to European Forax Services SL, Plaza Rey Juan Carlos I, 3 – 07012 Palma de Mallorca.  The Customs form (Alta) should be sent together with a ‘Nota verbal’ to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAEC). Please mention “European Forax Services – 6009” in column ‘Entidad Emisora Eligida’ of the Customs form.

Once Forax receives the approval from Customs and your application form, Forax will create your new Forax-CEPSA duty-free fuel card.

Q – What is the cost to become a customer and to request one or more cards?
Application to the service is free of charge.

Q – Up to how many cards can I order?
You can order up to 2 cards per license plate. If you request 2 cards, these cards will share your monthly quota volume limit.

Q – Which fuel types can I order?
Your fuel card will have the fuel type that corresponds to your vehicle. A diesel exemption card will allow you to buy tax-free diesel. A gasoline exemption card will allow you to buy tax-free Euro 95 and Super 98. Note that only the exempted product (the fuel type linked to the license plate mentioned on the Franquicia) will be invoiced tax-free as long as you stay within your monthly quota approved by Customs.

Q – I have a CEPSA Card today. What will happen?
If you want to enjoy the benefits of the Forax-CEPSA card, please cancel your current card and apply for the new Forax-CEPSA card.

Q – How does the Forax-CEPSA tax-free fuel card work?
Your Forax-CEPSA duty-free fuel card and your personal PIN code allow you to fuel up on every CEPSA station in Spain. The transactions will be invoiced to you afterwards. Our system automatically only charges the price excluding excise taxes. The invoice contains the details of your transactions and information on your remaining fuel quota. The invoice will be paid via automatic direct debit. When you go over your quota volume limit or when fueling up a different fuel type than the one linked to your license plate, the transaction will be invoiced including taxes.

Q – Where can I use the Forax-CEPSA tax-free fuel card?
The card can be used on the entire CEPSA network in Spain.

Q – Can the Forax card be used outside of Spain?
No. The card can only be used in Spain, because your tax-free fuel quota is only valid in Spain.

Q – Can the Forax card be used to pay for other products than tax-free fuel?
No. The card only allows to buy fuel (no shop goods, no toll).

Q – My card is damaged. What shall I do?
Please send a written confirmation to Forax, mentioning the card number of the damaged card. Request to stop this card and to receive a replacement card. Forax will stop your card and create a new card for you.

Q – I forgot my PIN code. What shall I do?
Please send a written request to Forax asking for a new PIN letter.

Q – Can I change my PIN code?
No, this is not possible.

Q – I have tried to fuel up but my card is not working. What shall I do?
Please ensure that your card is still valid, that you have entered the right PIN code and that you took the right type of fuel. If possible, please ask the shop attendant to check and clarify what the problem is. If the problem persists, please write down the error message and contact Forax for further investigation.

Q – My card is lost or stolen. It needs to be stopped urgently. What shall I do?
You can stop your Forax diplomatic card via the ‘exclusive customer login’ on, or call the Forax Service Center on + 34 911 436 711 and ask to stop your card. In addition, you should confirm the theft or loss of your card to Forax via e-mail, specifying your name, customer number, reason for making the report, the card number and whether your would like to receive a replacement card.

Q – How much will I pay for my fuel?
The Forax tax-free fuel price is based on the price indicated on the fuel station, without excise duty.

Q – When and how do I pay?
You pay after you have purchased your tax-free fuel. Personal Use customers will be invoiced on a weekly basis, Official Use customers twice a month. FORAX will direct debit your bank account after the invoice has been sent. The invoice contains the details of your transactions and information on your remaining fuel quota.

Q – Do I need a Spanish bank account number for the direct debit payments?
Yes. This is a requirement from the Spanish government.

Q – How do I receive my invoice?
Your electronic invoice will be e-mailed to you. The invoice will be attached as a pdf-file in the e-mail. You can also download your invoice via the ‘exclusive customer login’ on

Q – My mandate in Spain comes to an end. What shall I do?
Please send a written request to Forax confirming you are leaving Spain and your cards should be stopped. Forax will stop your cards. Forax will close your customer account once all remaining transactions have been invoiced and paid.

Other questions?
You can reach our dedicated team on + 34 911 436 711, where one of our assistants will treat your request in Spanish, French or English.