FORAX specialises in tax-free fuel cards for diplomats, international organisations & military

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1. General information – Editors of the site :
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2. Preamble – The use of the site entails the user’s automatic and irrevocable compliance with the conditions of use, terms and warning references present on the site. We reserve the right to change them, modify, add or delete parts of them at any time. It is your responsibility to regularly check these Conditions of Use in order to learn about the changes that have been made to them. The changes made to these Conditions of Use will be considered as accepted by you simply by using the Website again, whether or not you may have taken notice of these changes. If you do not accept these Conditions of Use, you cannot use our site.

The companies of the FORAX group, to which the editors of this site belong, its branch offices and subsidiaries have their own legal existence and have an autonomous judicial personality. However, in this website the terms ” FORAX “, ” FORAX group ” or ” we “, are used to refer to the editors of the site or its branch offices or subsidiaries.

3. Reserved access – Access to the present website is exclusively reserved to the beneficiaries of a franchise of excise and an exemption from VAT.

In Belgium as organized by :

– article 20, 7° to 10 ° of the general law on customs and excise dd. 18 July 1977 ;- articles 33 to 35 of the Ministerial Decree of 17 February 1960 on the franchises regarding import duties ;- article 42, § 3.1 and 3.2 of the Code of value-added tax of 3 July 1969.

Except if otherwise mentioned, FORAX grants the user a non-exclusive right, which cannot be assigned and which is limited in access, for the use, the visualisation of this Website and the documents contained therein for a personal, non-commercial use that is to be in accordance with the stipulations of these Conditions of Use.

Downloading the Contents onto your computer does not imply any right of property on this Content. It is strictly forbidden for you to modify the Contents or to use it to other effects, more in particular, in printed form, or to use it on any other Website or on any other information network, without having obtained prior authorization in writing from FORAX. By using this Website, you accept not to use any Web-robot, browser or any other automatic device or manual procedure intended to monitor or copy web-pages from our Website or any Contents thereof, without having obtained prior authorization in writing from FORAX. You undertake not to use any device, software nor subprogram intended to disturb or try to disturb the proper functioning of the Website. In addition, you undertake not to perform any manipulation imposing an unreasonable or disproportionate load on the infrastructure of the Website.

In case of any fraudulent use of the present site by a user, FORAX will be entitled to deprive the latter of his right of access to the site. Furthermore, any fraudulent use may be prosecuted by FORAX.

4. Information on the products and services – FORAX can modify the information contained on this site concerning the products and services, at any time and without notification. This information is rendered without any guarantee of being adequate for a particular operational need.

5. Protection of personal data and ” cookies “ – see privacy policy

6. Intellectual property rights

Royalties – Any information or documents contained in the site, as well as any elements created for the site, are either the property of the site editors or its branch offices or subsidiaries, or constitute the object of a right of use, of reproduction or representation granted to the latter. The above information, documents or elements are subject to the laws protecting the author’s rights, as from the moment of being placed on this site. No license, nor any other right than the right to consult the site, is granted to any person whatsoever with respect to the intellectual property right. Reproduction of the documents of the site is authorized to the exclusive effects of providing information, strictly for private use of the user only: any reproduction and any use of a copy realized to other effects is expressly forbidden without prior and express authorization from the site editors. In any case, the authorized reproduction of the information contained in this site, will have to indicate the adequate source and property references.

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7. Hypertext links

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8. Limitations of responsibility – The information and recommendations (“Information”) available on this site are offered to you in good faith. This Information is deemed to be correct at the moment of you taking note thereof. However, the site editors or its branch offices and subsidiaries are not representative and cannot guarantee the exhaustive character and accuracy of the Information. The user entirely assumes the risks that are related to the credit that he attaches to it.

The Information is provided under the condition that you or any other person receiving it would be able to determine its interest for a specific objective before using it. In no case whatsoever, the site editors or its branch offices and subsidiaries can be held liable for any damages that may result from the credit attached to this Information, the use thereof or the use of any product referred to.

The Information cannot be considered as recommendations for the use of any information, products, procedures, equipment or formulations that may be contrary to a patent, a copyright or a registered trademark. The site editors or its branch offices and subsidiaries decline any express or implicit liability, if the use of this Information was to infringe a patent, a copyright or a registered trademark.

The site editors or its branch offices and subsidiaries categorically refuse any interpretation that would try to relate the contents of its sites to take-over bids or incentives to acquire shares or other movables, whether or not quoted, of the site editors, of any of its direct or indirect branch offices or of its subsidiaries.

No express or implicit guarantee is given with respect to the market nature of the supplied information nor with respect to the adequacy thereof for a specific purpose, as well as with respect to the products or services that are referred to in this information.

The information mentioned on this site, including the information regarding the price are supplied only for your information. Despite all endeavors made by the site editors or its branch offices and subsidiaries to circulate information that is correct and up-to-date, it is possible that the site contains some mistakes and/or typing errors. The site editors or its branch offices and subsidiaries reserve the right to modify the contents of their sites at any time, without notification.

FORAX can not guarantee uninterrupted or flawless access to the website and can not assure that the web site is free of viruses or other dangerous components. Therefore the site editors or its branch offices can not be held liable for direct or indirect damages caused by the impossibility to use the website.

9. Applicable law – These conditions of use are subject to the Belgian laws and will be submitted to the exclusive competence of the courts of law in Antwerp.